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Bio-Design’s mission is to provide life enhancing dietary supplements with results you can feel. Since our founding in 1979, we have specialized in supplying health care practitioners with products that provide the nutritional support their patients need. Bio-Design’s  product line includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, targeted herbal formulas and glandular tissue concentrates. Our time tested, single and multi-ingredient synergistic blends, are carefully formulated to support specific systemic needs as well as overall health and wellness.




"This is the first supplement that I have taken in a lot of years and it has made a difference in how I feel - I feel
a lot better. I have more energy and feel more grounded."

Christina M.

Glan Fem Plus

"I am simply a customer who feels so good after starting this supplement, that I had to share! I have only been taking this for one week but I felt a difference almost immediately."

Thomas D.

MSM Plus

"Taking Aloe Lite is the best thing for my system. It really helps move digestive tract when it gets slowed down."

D. Odell

Aloe Lax 150

"I started using Aloe Lax 225 about 5 years ago, and found it to be very gentle for the system with wonderful results much-needed relief!"

Meredith L.

Aloe lax 225