Adrenal 80

100 Capsules

Bio-Design's Adrenal 80 supports adrenal glands that are weighed down by prolonged stress and fatigue. Adrenal 80 is raw adrenal tissue concentrate from Argentinian bovine. To help support the adrenal glands.... Learn More


Aloe Lax 150
(formerly Aloe Lite)

180 capsules

Similar to Aloe Lax 225 in a lighter version, Aloe Lax 150 contains the same benefits for a gentler response. Each capsule contains 150 mg of pure aloe ferox mill... Learn More


Aloe Lax 225

180 Capsules

  Utilizing pure, carefully sourced Aloe ferox mill leaf resin from the South African Aloe ferox  plant, Bio-Design’s Aloe Lax 225 helps support daily elimination. This natural product, taken as directed,... Learn More



120 capsules

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is required as a digestive agent during a healthy digestive process.  As aging occurs, HCl levels may decline. Low HCl levels mean food is not completely and... Learn More


Bio-Adrenal Complex
Now Improved with Folate as 5-Methylfolate

120 Capsules

      Our nutrient poor, stress-filled lives can leave us feeling constantly drained, and fatigued. The adrenal glands take the brunt of this stress. Our time-tested Bio-Adrenal Complex can provide the... Learn More



120 tablets

As a two-phase release tablet, Bio-Disco offers extended support to healthy muscle and joint function. Vitamin C, manganese sulfate, and magnesium aspartate are released immediately to be utilized in the... Learn More
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60 capsules

The brain works hard 24 hours a day and needs nutritional support to stay sharp. Bio-Memory is formulated with effective brain-boosting nutrients, including alpha lipoic acid, acetyl l-carnitine, ginkgo biloba,... Learn More


Bioflavonoid C Complex Powder

16 ounces

Bioflavonoid C Powder is a beneficial combination of calcium ascorbate, 4:1 natural rose hips extract, and 4:1 acerola extracts, rutin, and hesperidin and lemon bioflavonoids to help buffer.  This product was... Learn More


Bioflavonoid C Complex
(formerly Ascorbate C Complex)

120 capsules

Our bodies are under constant wear and tear. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids assist the body in supporting a healing response to this assault. Bioflavonoid C Complex formula contains 1000 mg... Learn More
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Bone 350

90 capsules

Bio-Desing's Bone 350 is a supportive bone health formula with raw veal bone and Equisetum arvense (horsetail rush), a natural source rich in silicon needed for healthy bones. Learn More



120 tablets

Healthy bones require specific vitamins and minerals to stay strong. Cal-Plus is a superior combination of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 along with soy free natural vitamin K-2 as MK-7 and... Learn More


Calcium Orotate

100 capsules

Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It is involved in many physiological processes, including the development of healthy bones. Bio-Design’s Calcium Orotate is a chelated... Learn More