Top 10 Best Sellers

Aloe Lax 150
(formerly Aloe Lite)

180 capsules

Similar to Aloe Lax 225 in a lighter version, Aloe Lax 150 contains the same benefits for a gentler response. Each capsule contains 150 mg of pure aloe ferox mill... Learn More


Aloe Lax 225

180 Capsules

  Utilizing pure, carefully sourced Aloe ferox mill leaf resin from the South African Aloe ferox  plant, Bio-Design’s Aloe Lax 225 helps support daily elimination. This natural product, taken as directed,... Learn More


Bio-Adrenal Complex
Now Improved with Folate as 5-Methylfolate

120 Capsules

      Our nutrient poor, stress-filled lives can leave us feeling constantly drained, and fatigued. The adrenal glands take the brunt of this stress. Our time-tested Bio-Adrenal Complex can provide the... Learn More



120 tablets

Healthy bones require specific vitamins and minerals to stay strong. Cal-Plus is a superior combination of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 along with soy free natural vitamin K-2 as MK-7 and... Learn More


Di-Acid Stim

120 tablets

Providing supportive benefits to both the stomach and duodenum, Di-Acid Stim is an excellent two-phase release aid for proper food digestion. The ingredients of HCl, Pepsin, and digestive enzymes combine... Learn More


Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals

Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals contains a full-spectrum of trace minerals that are supportive to overall health. Trace minerals help regulate enzymes, amino acids, hormones, and are necessary to maintain good... Learn More



60 capsules

   The balance of diverse beneficial organisms in our gut microbiome is perhaps our greatest health asset. Our gut microbiota harbors a complex community of over 100 trillion cells influencing... Learn More




Sore and stiff joints can develop at any age with the wear and tear we put on our bodies. Super-Flex gives your joints the extra attention they need with a... Learn More


Thyroid 130

90 capsules

Supporting healthy thyroid function, Bio-Design's Thyroid 130 is raw thyroid tissue concentrate from free range, grass fed New Zealand bovine.  Learn More


Vitamin B12 5000 PLUS

60 tablets

With Vitamin B12 as Cyanocobalamin, and combined with Methylcobalamin, vitamin B6, and folic acid, Bio-Design's Vitamin B12 5000 Plus is a sublingual tablet for quick assimilation into the body. B vitamins... Learn More