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Liquid Ionic
Trace Minerals

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           *  Concentrated Full Spectrum
           *  Soluble - Easily Absorbed 

                   Low Sodium

      Bio-Design's Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals contains a full spectrum of trace minerals, in liquid form for easy absorption. Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals have a naturally small nanoparticle size, maximizing bioavailability of minerals.  Our bodies can make some vitamins but they cannot make minerals or trace minerals. Both must come from dietary sources. The standard American diet is lacking in these critical minerals. Minerals and trace minerals help with the regulation and manufacturing of enzymes, amino acids, hormones, and are necessary for countless body processes. Many mineral supplements are either extracted from ocean water or they are mined. Both sources can contain heavy metal contaminants. Additionally the large particle size of mined minerals, make them difficult for the body to utilize and consequently have a greater potential for toxicity. 

      Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals come from an ancient, pristine inland ocean source, and test safe for heavy metals.  Mix Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals with juice or water and feel the difference for yourself. 

      Recommended use: For adults only. Use 1-2 drops for every 10 pounds of body weight, mixed in juice or water. If loose bowel occurs, cut dosage in half. Add as needed or as suggested by your healthcare professional.