Muscle and Joint Best Sellers

Calcium Complex
120 tablets

Calcium Magnesium 1:1 Ratio New Zealand Bovine MCHA  Supports and Maintains Bone and Teeth Strength, Density, and Repair Contains Vitamin D3 and a soy-free, Natural K2 (MK-7) Bio-Design's Cal-Plus Calcium Complex is... Learn More

Magnesium Orotate
Chelated-Optimum Absorption
120 capsules

Chelated for optimum absorption Bio-Design’s Magnesium Orotate contains 500 mg of Magnesium Orotate, chelated for optimum absorption.  Orotates are the mineral salts of orotic acid and are naturally occurring in our bodies... Learn More




Super-Flex's unique professional formulation supplies 1500 mg glucosamine sulfate from GreenGrown® Glucosamine (vegetable sourced), 1000 mg chondroitin sulfate, 1000 mg MSM as OptiMSM®, as well as Boswellia seratta, bromelain, manganese, and boron.... Learn More