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PURPOSE: This Unilateral Internet Reselling Limitations and Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (iMAP) is put in place to protect and support Bio-Design®’s authorized Health Care Practitioners who sell Bio-Design® products to their patients / clients, and to maintain the quality associated with the Bio-Design® brand. It applies to all resellers and retailers selling Bio-design® products through Online Locations and/or advertising through Electronic Media including Amazon and eBay.

iMAP PRICING POLICY: Specifically prohibits selling or advertising at a discounted price below suggested retail price(SRP). Any such listing below SRP is a violation of this Reselling Limitation and iMAP Policy. Reseller understands that violation of this policy is grounds for and will result in immediate termination of the Reseller's relationship with Bio-Design®.

RESELLING POLICY: It is prohibited to resell Bio-Design® products online, unless the Health Care Practitioner owns the domain name of the website and is abiding by Bio-Design's Suggested Retail Price (SRP). Selling to another party for the purpose of reselling, is strictly prohibited. Reselling on online marketplaces including, but not limited to: Amazon, E-Bay, Jet, and Walmart, is strictly prohibited.

DISCLOSURE OF ALL COMPANY NAMES: Reseller acknowledges that full disclosure of all its corporate names and business names under its control (DBA's — Doing Business As) has been made to Bio-Design®.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Bio-Design® has established this Reselling Limitations and iMAP Policy for all products. The Reselling Limitation and iMAP Policy applies to all Online (virtual) Locations for any Bio-Design® product and to Electronic Media where end-users can purchase Bio-Design® products.

BIO-DESIGN® may modify or terminate this Unilateral Policy at any time

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